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Gut Feelings and Guardian Angels

Gut Feelings and Guardian Angels showing start Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery July 22, 2020

“Gut Feelings and Guardian Angels” is a contemplation on the necessary regressive plunges required for human expansion. A contemplation on the embrace of returning to the familiar  woody scent of fires and roast vegetables in the cooler air and playing in the shorelines and streams that trickle into well worn grooves. The soft chatter of simple conversation over too many cups of tea met with the obstacles of stagnation that come with holding onto something for even a second too long to how it used to be, how it used to smell and how it all used to sound. 

“Gut Feelings and Guardian Angels” talks about that fragility of memories when confronted with obstacles of change in your present life. A fragility that requires a balance of courage and comfort to allow your sweetened memories to alter, to realign and re-stack into a combination that makes sense once again– a welcomed glance back to move forward.

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